If you are new to the Redlands or new to Redlands Hash, this is the page for you. Join us for a run, we would love to meet you!  You will have fun and meet plenty of people with similar interests!

Who are the Redlands Hash House Harriers?

About 30 – 40 Hashers meet every Monday night.  We enjoy running or walking, socializing with like-minded people and having a drink.  Our members cover a wide variety of age groups and running / walking abilities.  Redlands Hash is part of the international organization of Hash House Harriers.  You can find Hashes in many countries and cities around the world.  When traveling you will always be welcome in sister Hash organizations.  While there is no direct connection between Hashers, they all have very similar formats.

What is hashing?

“Hashing” is an event organized by a “Hash” club and consists of a run or walk as a precursor to socialising with a drink and food.  Although no Hash clubs are affiliated, they are part of a world-wide organisation and have similar formats.  During a Hash run, the pack tries to solve the trail marked by the hare (those who set the trail).  The trail has numerous false trails and is commonly marked by chalk or flour.


When does the hash run?

Redlands Hash runs every Monday, rain or shine. We generally meet at 6:15 p.m to start promptly at 6:30 pm. On some public holidays we may start earlier so please check the times listed in the Upcoming Runs.

What is the general format of a Redlands Hash run?

6:15 pm: Redlands Hash members start gathering.

6:30pm: Redlands Hash members listen to the Grand Master (GM) who welcomes Hash members to the current run. Immediately thereafter, the run / walk commences.

7:30ish: At the conclusion of the run / walk hashers socialise with each other.  After a short time, and after all hashers have returned to the kennel, the GM gathers the Hashers together for the Religious Adviser (RA) to issue any penalties in the form of a “down-down”.

8:00ish: Dinner is served.

Where is the run?

The run starts at a different location each week.  The starting location is selected by the hare (the hasher who sets the run). As a consequence, you will get to know the nooks and crannies of the Redlands and have a varied run each week!!  Each week’s run is posted to this website and listed on Facebook.

How long are the runs?

The runs are normally around 8 km although some runs can be as long as 10 km.  For walkers, the trails is usually about 2/3 of the runners trail or usually around the 5km mark.

What if I get lost?

Most trails end up back where you started so if all else fails, finding your way back will reunite you with the pack.  Redlands Hashers try and keep the pack together so we don’t lose anyone and we stop for Regroups occasionally on the trail so slower hashers can keep up.  There is also a Drink Stop along the run where all Hashers get together, socialise, and wait for following Hashers.

What if I’m not a fast runner / walker?

No problem with that. We are not all fast runners / walkers and cater for all speeds. Some of our members do competitive runs and events outside of Hash, however we generally treat Hash runs as training runs and enjoy each other’s company. The trail also incorporates Regroups, and false trails so the faster runners cover more distance than the slower runners.  This tends to keep the pack together so that all speeds are accommodated and everyone arrives at the Drink Stop and end the run around the same time.

What should I bring?

  • Running shoes that are NOT brand new (trust us on this one).
  • Any apres-running gear that you like to change into – most just change their shirts and put on sweats depending on the season.
  • Run fees, unless you are a visitor or have come along for the first time in which case it’s free.
  • A plate and utensils to eat from.
  • Additional funds to purchase any drinks at the conclusion of the trail (we are a non-profit organisation so the drinks are cheap!!).
  • A torch / headlamp – in the winter we run in the dark!
  • A sense of humour
  • Just relax, enjoy the company and have a good time!!!

How much does it cost?

For visitors from other Hashes, or people joining us for the first time, your first Hash run is free. After that, it is $8 per run which covers the run, dinner, a snack, a drink at the Drink Stop and great comradery with the other Hashers.

Is there any kind of formal membership?

No, there is no membership. The fee you pay weekly goes towards the meal provided at the end of the run and other Redlands Hash activities such as the Stagger and the Annual Handover Meeting.  Everyone involved with Redlands Hash is a volunteer. Should you wish, you too can be on the Redlands Hash Committee. Our committee changes every year around the middle of the year.

What are hash names all about?

If you enjoy hashing and come enough times you will receive your own special hash name. The name is  usually related to something you do or say. Until then, you are known by your first name.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to email this year’s management committee, with any additional questions. We’re looking forward to meeting you


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