If you are new to the Redlands or new to Redlands Hash, this is the page for you. Join us for a run or walk, we would love to meet you! You will have fun and meet plenty of people with similar interests!

The Redlands Hash House are a mixed gender, non-competitive running and walking club with a fun, social element. Hashing is all about taking in a bit of exercise (called “The Run”) followed by some light hearted banter over a meal and some liquid refreshment.

The Redlands Hash House Harriers run usually takes place within the boundaries of Redland City (South East of Brisbane) each Monday night. We meet at 6:15 pm and start promptly at 6:30pm. We run 52 weeks of the year, wet or dry, hot, or cold. The Run is the centrepiece of the evening, and is usually around 8k for runners and 5k for walkers. The run usually takes around 1 hour, and caters for runners and walkers of all abilities. Currently 30-40 Redlands hashers hit the trail each Monday night.

In addition to the runs, a number of social events are organised during the year by the Redlands Hash House Harriers Committee. The most popular ones include the Change Over (when a new Management Committee is appointed), The Stagger, and the Christmas Party. On occasion, we also take part in joint runs with other Brisbane-based Hash clubs.

As part of the worldwide hash community, some Redlands hashers choose to attend events such as World Interhash, held every two years, and Aussie Nash Hash, which is held every two years, but in the alternate year to the World Interhash.

If you want to know more about hashing throughout the world, then check out the Hash House Harriers wiki.

If you’d like to add to your exercise program with fun, good company and new surroundings, try the Redlands Hash House Harriers. For the venue of the next run, check the Upcoming Runs.