Redlands Hash Past Committee Members

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No Year Grand Master Religious Advisor Hash Cash On Sex / Trash Trail Master Brew Master Raffle Master Hash Flash Hash Horn Hasher Dashery Dogs Body Web Wanker
27 2023/25 Old Fart Below Job Please Explain Snip It Hard Nut Double Dick Pickle Bush / Below Dry Toad in the Hole The Boxer Black Hole
26 2022/23 Fire Balls / Bush Fire C*ock in a Frock Ned Kelly / Patsy The Monarchist / Dr Parasite Slippery Tit Under Pressure / Lady Grey Octopussy Dolly G Spot Black Hole
25 2021/22 G Spot Bottom Painter Patsy Legless and Entrails Black Hole The Monarchist / Dr Parasite Goes Down G Spot Bright Spark Black Hole
24 2020/21 Old Fart Slippery Tit Bush Fire / Fire Balls Patsy Skid Marks Hard Nut/ Soft Shell Sir Vex/ Whistle Blower G Spot / Angel Fiche Bright Spark Black Hole
23 2019/20 Top Dog Lady Grey / Bottom Painter Whistle Blower G Spot Under Pressure Shits Who Double Dick Goes Down The Monarchist Patsy Black Hole
22 2018/19 Black Hole Bottom Painter Whistle Blower Sir Vex Slippery Tit Cock Knee Dick I Forgot Angel Fiche Hawkeye Hard Nut Black Hole
21 2017/18 Drop Bear Private Parts Back Passage / Patsy Jen R Rater Comes Quick Ball Bag / Poor Bastard Goes Down Pokie Hawkeye Double Dick Wanderbra Black Hole
20 2016/17 Parasite Private Parts Back Passage Jen R Rater Skid Marks Cock Knee Dick / Ball Bag R Rated Patsy Hawkeye The Monarchist/ Dilation Wanderbra Black Hole
19 2015/16 Rooter /     I Forgot Bottom Painter Pokie Top Dog Double Dick Hard Nut / Whistle Blower Morning Glory Top Dog The Monarchist Hat Trick Whistle Blower
18 2014/15 Whistle Blower Under Pressure Hat Trick The Monarchist / Parasite Climax Poor Bastard / Double Dick Patsy Lady Grey/ Drop Bear/ Wanderbra Whistle Blower
17 2013/14 Top Dog Drawn Out Hat Trick / Red Breast Private Parts Cock Knee Dick Dilation / Chopper Shits Who Whistle Blower
16 2012/13 Private Parts / Wanderbra Maggot Camille T’ua / Double Dick She Moans Under Pressure Two Bricks / Hawkeye Kick It Whistle Blower
15 2011/12 Bushtuka Drawn Out Squeaky Clean /        I Forgot Private Parts Drop Bear Top Dog/ Shits Who / Rooter Tea Bags Batman Whistle Blower
14 2010/11 French Kiss Top Dog Hat Trick / Touch Up Tigger/ Doggy Bag Whistle Blower Red Breast / One Stick Drop Bear Batman Whistle Blower
13 2009/10 Greasy Box Bushtuka Tranny / Vibrator Snail Trail Double Dick Tea Bags / Lady Grey Toe Knee Hand Cock Batman Double Dick
12 2008/09 Toe Knee Hand Cock Catatonic The Monarchist / Climax Pink Bits Parasite Tigger / Squeaky Clean R Rated Batman Double Dick
11 2007/08 Double Dick / R Rated Greasy Box Tigger Tranny Double Dick Brown Eye Pokie Batman Double Dick
10 2006/07 Bushy / Drop Bear Toe Knee Hand Cock Well Laid / Kama Sutra French Kiss / Sir Penis Double Dick Poor Point Pokie Batman Double Dick
09 2005/06 Parasite Muff Diver Long Play Stress Relief / The Monarchist Hash Twat Slobs / Sore Arse ExposHer Batman Flatulence
08 2004/05 French Kiss Sore Arse Red Breast / Well Laid Blue Growler Stiffy Force Kin / Poor Point ExposHer Slocum Flatulence
07 2003/04 One Stick Chopper Tranny / Kama Sutra Rooter / R Rated Parasite Force Kin Double Dick D Cup Flatulence
06 2002/03 Toe Knee Hand Cock Irish Wolfhound / Cleo Gurge / Slocum Hash Twat Sore Arse Tranny Daffy Dill Poor Point / G3H
05 2001/02 Flatulence Parasite Red Breast Bonk Her Flatulence Red Light Sore Arse Busted / Five Rings
04 2000/01 Fill Me Crackin One Stick Wet Spot R Rated Cum Ere /AU Sore Arse Batman Double Dick
03 1999/00 Aussie Beaver Forrest Gump Pussy Galore Snow White Toe Knee Hand Cock/ Snail Trail Pokie Batman
02 1998/99 Sore Arse Double Dick One Stick Blue Growler Dr G Spock/ Fill Me Crackin Sphincter Batman
01 1997/98 Double Dick Sore Arse Sir Penis Sir Penis Sir Penis