Welcome Newbies

If you are new to the Redlands or new to the Relands hash, this is the page for you. Please consider joining us for a run, we would love to meet you, and you WILL have fun in addition to many other benefits.

Who are the Redlands Hash House Harriers?

We are about 25 – 40 people every Monday night, who enjoy letting our hair down, running, and drinking beer. We are a wide variety of age and running ability, from very fast to walkers and everything in between. This is an international organization, you can find hashes in countless cities around the world. While there is no direct connection between them, they all have very similar formats, and in fact, you’d be welcomed in any hash you attend.

What is hashing?

It is an international “running game” whereby the pack (that’s you) tries to solve the trail by interpreting marks put down in chalk and flour by the “hares” – those who set the trail. There are a few more details that we will teach you when you arrive.


When does the hash run?

Every Monday night, rain or shine, starting at 6:15 p.m.
What is the general format each week?

6:15ish: Start gathering.

6:30ish: We start running or walking. Towards end of run: Beer check. (and water)

7:30ish: General socializing.

7:45ish: “Down downs”: Organized announcements and such.

8:00ish: Dinner served.

Where is it?

It starts in a different place every week (choice of the hares), that’s the beauty of it! It is a fantastic way to get to know the nooks and crannies of the Redlands. We have probably run on every street and every trail, at one time or another. Each week’s start is posted to this website and usually an email is sent out to the hash email list.

How long are the runs?

80% of the runs are in the 5 to 8 km range. Some will hit 10kms, walkers trail is normally 3 to 5 km.

What if I get lost?

Some say the risk of misadventure makes the sight of the keg all that much sweeter. Others just say get me to the beer. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate, in more ways than one.

Generally, 99.69% of trails will end up back where they start, so if all else fails, finding your way back there will reunite you with the pack and get you your fair share of snacks and beer. We generally stop for a beer check about a half way through trail, so you can expect us back between 7-7:30.

What if I’m not a fast runner?

Good, you definitely belong with us. We have competitive members, but we mostly leave our timing chips, energy gels, and race shirts at home for another day. Our hares try to design their trails to trick the faster runners and allow the slower runners time to catch up, so everyone arrives at the end around the same time.

What should I bring?

Running shoes that are NOT brand new (trust us on this one)
Any apres-running gear that you like to change into, most just change a shirt and put on sweats
$7 (unless it’s your first time, then it’s free)
A flashlight/headlamp – we run in the dark!
A sense of humor

How much does it cost?

As a newbie, your first hash is on us. After that, it is $7 per run. For your $7, in addition to the run, you also get dinner, snacks and a drink at the drinkstop.

Is there any kind of formal membership?

There is no membership, and everyone who works on organizing the hashes as well as the events are purely volunteers. Your weekly money goes towards beer, food, water, snacks, etc., and some extras now and then.

What are hash names all about?

If you stick around long enough, you will receive your own special hash name, usually related to something you do or say. Until then, you are known as Just “insert your first name here”.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to email this year’s (mis)management, with any additional questions. We’re looking forward to meeting you


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