Redlands Hash House Harrier’s History

Tim “Double Dick” Edwards was the founder of the Redlands Hash House Harriers. He had moved from Cairns to Cleveland, and was hashing with other Brisbane-based Hash groups. He became concerned about the distance he had to travel to and from the Hash each week, so he decided to form a Hash chapter that was based closer to home. He placed an advertisement in the local community paper.

This advertisement was spotted by Matthew ‘Sloth’ Webb, who showed it to his ‘oldies’ Steve ‘Hash Twat’ Webb and Joan ‘Joan-a-Fart’ Webb. They joined Double Dick at Cleveland Point for the first run of the Redlands Hash. This saw the birth of Redland Hash House Harriers on the 27th August 1997. Then, it was ON…ON.

Not to be deterred by the small response, but happy to get some, Double Dick placed the ad in the paper again. This time, Hash Twat brought along some more UK expats. The 2nd and 3rd runs where held from the Cleveland Railway Station. On the third occasion, when Double Dick yelled “On On”, he met Blue Growler and husband Stiffy, a keen hasher from New Zealand. Double Dick was now starting to worry that he might be the only Aussie ever to hash with the Redlands.

The first run from a member’s house was the fourth, which was held from the Stiffy and Blue Growler residence. This is now the regular practice. The tenth anniversary run in 2007 was celebrated at this same venue.

Eventually, a few Aussies began to show up!!! Redlands Hash House Harriers has grown from these humble beginnings to the point where over 50 hashers turn out each Monday night. It is now over 19 years old, with more than 1000 runs under its feet.