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The embodiment of a true Hasher is someone who can drink copious amounts of beer and can still functional enough to follow a trail.

On April 1st our run will be from the Capalaba regional park (The Park next to Bunnings) and will be something a little different.

This will be the fools run. This will crown a Runner and Walker for the coveted prize of Redlands Hasher of the year. To be the Redlands Hasher of the year, you’re going to have to out-run (or out-walk) and out-drink the rest of the club.

The rules for this run are simple. You will down a beer then do a lap.

A lap for the runners will be 1 mile, a lap for the walkers will be 1km. Once you get back, you will get another beer, drink it and do another lap.

This continues until either we run out of beer, we run out of time, or we only have one Hasher left standing.

The runner and walker who finishes the most laps will be crowned The Redlands Hashers of the year and given an amazing amount of shit for out-drinking us on a weeknight. A suitable prize will also be found for them.

Other drinks will be on offer but you will have to drink beer to be in the running for the Hash Crown. Nosh will be served a little early so we can eat and watch the fools still doing laps.

Please come dressed as a fool and bring a chair to watch the idiots in action.

On On!

All runs are open for anyone to join.  If you are interesting in joining us, please show up and say hello.  Also request to join our Facebook Group to keep up to date with what is going on.